Updated on February 23rd, 2019 at 06:29 am

When it comes to great driving under the influence (DUI) defense representation, everyone in all walks of life needs it after a DUI arrest. Let the story of Ilie Nastase, one of the most famous former tennis players across the globe, and his double-DUI arrest back in May and in Romania be a lesson for it.

Ilie was arrested for a DUI twice in only six hours. During the first police encounter, he did not submit to a breathalyzer test but was released after his eventual release and the suspension of his license. Shortly after his release, he reportedly raced through a red light while riding a small moped. Upon being stopped by police and tested for intoxication, the data reported 0.55 milligrams of alcohol for every one liter of breath tested. In American legal standards, this is the same as blowing into a breathalyzer and getting a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) report of 0.055.

DUI rules change between countries. In Romania, Ilie’s BAC level is high enough to charge him with a DUI and penalize him with several years behind bars. If only he had retained DUI defense representation after his first arrest, the former tennis star might have saved himself a world of trouble.

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