A Burden of Proof

When you are pulled over, the circumstances, location and ticket information are all critical parts of your charge that can be used in fighting the ticket. A speeding or reckless driving ticket is a serious matter, one that warrants a strong defense. When your driving privileges are in question, you can’t afford to fight your ticket alone. You need a practiced traffic ticket lawyer who knows the different defense tactics, and which will best apply to your situation. Our Harrisonburg traffic ticket attorney at Keefer Law Firm has the education and familiarity with the law needed for a solid defense, no matter your charge.

Avenues of Defense

There are several ways that your attorney can fight a ticket for you. The key to defense lies in determining the best avenue for your attorney to take based on the circumstances of your ticket. Although the circumstances and specifics of speeding tickets and reckless driving tickets may differ, the defenses are often similar.

If you are issued a speeding or reckless driving ticket, your defense may include:

  • Driving: Were you in fact the person driving the vehicle at the time of the ticket and if you were in an accident, as with many reckless driving tickets, were you in the driver’s seat when the officer arrived? Have you recently lost your driver’s license or wallet, or was it stolen, and did someone else used it and received a ticket?
  • Radar and LIDAR calibrations: In both reckless driving by speed and speeding tickets, not only does law enforcement have to provide proof of up to date radar and LIDAR calibrations, the machine must be proven accurate on the day of the ticket.
  • Your speedometer’s calibrations: There are ways that you can test your speedometer for accuracy using a standalone GPS system in your vehicle and a calibration report. If your speedometer was inaccurately displaying your speed, you may be able to use this as defense.
  • Speed limit: Your attorney may check that the officer knew the speed limit for the area where the ticket was issued as well as any nearby speed limit discrepancies that may have confused the situation.
  • Location: If an incident occurs at the border of two counties, it can be questionable where the event occurred, or an officer’s testimony may have a discrepancy in location that can cause a case to be dismissed.

Regardless of the defense chosen, you need the expertise and knowledge that a qualified lawyer from our team possesses. Your driving privileges may be at stake, so you need to retain a Woodstock reckless driving or speeding defense attorney. Don’t try to fight your ticket alone.

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If you were in an accident and charged with reckless driving or were issued a speeding ticket, you may have more chances at defense that you realize. That’s why you need representation from a capable, skilled Harrisonburg traffic defense attorney from our team. Let us build your defense, so you have a fair chance at retaining your driving privileges.

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