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DUI Results

    • DUI Case Results. - DUI Reduced to reckless driving.

      Client involved in an accident, but could not recall the time of the accident. Arrest must be made within 3 hours of accident, but since there was no evidence of such, the case was reduced to reckless driving.

    • DUI Case Results. - DUI Charge was reduced to reckless driving.

      Client was stopped for suspected spot lighting although he was subsequently found to have no weapons or hand held lights. Officer conducted road side exercises on dark unlit road with significant slope and grade. Client had demonstrated no impaired driving whatsoever. Evidence indicated that breath box result was less than legal limit when uncertainty of measurement confidence interval was calculated. Charge was reduced to reckless driving by court.

    • DUI Case Results. - DUI Charges reduced to reckless driving.

      Client with no previous criminal record arrested with a PBT breath result of .16, evidentiary breath test of .10. Charges reduced to reckless driving with VASAP class requirement.

    • DUI Case Results. - DUI Reckless driving.

      Client was charged with first DWI. Officer did not witness driving and made a warrantless arrest. Under our circumstances, the arrest was invalid making the test inadmissible. The Commonwealth realized we knew the flaw in their case and offered reckless driving.