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Former Tennis Player Ilie Nastase Arrested Twice in 6 Hours for Drunk Driving

Former Tennis Star’s Belligerence Earns Him Hall of Fame Placement and Multiple DUIs

Once the top-ranked tennis player in the world, Ilie Nastase was known worldwide for his unpredictable and temperamental behavior on the court. His outbursts even earned him the unfortunate nickname “Nasty.” While his belligerence on the tennis court contributed to his international fame, the same sort of behavior did not bode well for him when Romanian police arrested him for drunk driving.

And it got even worse when he was arrested for drunk driving a second time, several hours later.

During his first run-in with law enforcement, he was pulled over by police at approximately 4:45am in the Herestrau Park area of Bucharest. Police had to block Nastase’s car when he refused to pull over. He also refused to take a breathalyzer test and had to be forcibly removed from the vehicle and handcuffed. He was later released as police opened a criminal investigation against him for drunk driving and failing to take a breathalyzer test.

Despite his driver’s license suspension, Nastase got back out on the road later that day, at which point he was arrested for going through a red light on a motor scooter with a blood alcohol count of 0.55. Bucharest Chief Police Traffic Officer Victor Gilceava said he was far enough over the legal limit to face a maximum five-year prison sentence.

If a competent and experienced legal counsel had advised Nastase, he could have saved himself from getting deeper and deeper into trouble. Often, your interaction with the authorities during the initial incident and shortly thereafter can save you jail time, criminal charges on your record, fines, jail time, and other painful consequences.

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