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Dylan Donahue says he is ready to focus on playing football again after getting off on a bad road with an offseason full of legal troubles. It is a story of a small-town boy who took his troubles along with him to the big city.

Young New York Jets linebacker Donahue received a three-month suspended sentence and was fined $1,000 for a DUI crash from an incident in late 2017 in his hometown of Billings, Montana.

The Billings Gazette reported that Donahue pleaded guilty through his attorney and was sentenced at the same Municipal Court hearing.

Donahue was charged after hitting an abandoned vehicle causing his Jeep to flip. The crash happened 10 days after the New York Jets of the NFL drafted him.

However, the young linebacker also pleaded guilty in late July in Weehawken Municipal Court to driving while intoxicated in connection with a wrong-way crash in the Lincoln Tunnel a 1.5-mile tunnel under the Hudson River that connects New Jersey to Manhattan. That accident injured four people in February. As part of a plea deal, three other charges were dismissed.

Donahue spent a month in a substance-abuse treatment facility in Florida soon after the tunnel crash and has told reporters that he hasn’t touched alcohol since then.

Donahue will have to drive with an ignition interlock device for a year after his license is reinstated.

He could also be facing a suspension from the NFL as a result of the DWI arrests. He said he hasn’t yet heard from the league and remains in training camp.

A DUI charge can change or destroy your dreams whether they happen in your hometown, on a highway, or going the wrong way in a tunnel.